Giovanny Garcia, Business Owner

Here's a little history of myself and my business. I was born in New York, but raised here on Cape Cod, graduated from Nauset High School in 2008. I moved to Lubbock Texas were I received my degree in Information Technology. After that I worked as an IT/Network Technician in several IT jobs in Boston, but just couldn't handle the city and being stuck for eight hours indoors monitoring their network usage.

I decided to move back to Cape Cod and open my own business here in Hyannis.

My goal is to give people the change to fix their devices without being over priced and sold services they do not need. If I believe that the cost to repair your device doesn't make sense compared to buying a new device I will recommend to go out and buy a new device. Doesn't make sense to spend almost the same amount to fix it if you can get a new device for almost the same price.